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Wholesale Items to Improve the Workplace

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Improving workplace efficiencies not only boosts productivity, it can also significantly increase your company’s bottom line. An unorganized, understocked office can become chaotic, breaking the line of communication between employees and compromising the volume of work that is able to be completed each day. This is why your business needs to be supplied with the essential workplace products offered by Buy It By The Case.

If you are looking for an online wholesale supplier that carries the leading office supplies at an unbelievable price, Buy It By The Case has you covered. We are devoted to offering our customers the convenience and affordable pricing they deserve. With over 30 years of experience in bulk sales, our staff of professionals share the collective knowledge and expertise to ensure that your bulk order is fulfilled both accurately and on time. To learn about a few of the bulk office supplies offered on our online store, consider reading more on the subject below.


Back pain is a major inconvenience that plagues countless individuals throughout the day. Minor aches and soreness can quickly turn into continuous pain that can negatively affect your employees’ working day. That’s why Buy It By The Case offers an intuitive mesh backrest that can simply be attached to any computer chair imaginable. Its ergonomic design ensures that the user maintains optimal posture for continued relief, while its mesh backing gently supports both the lower and upper back. If back pain is prevalent in your office, consider reading more about our mesh backrests today.

Oversized Trash Cans

If your workplace is staffed by a significant number of employees, chances are that your office’s garbage cans fill up rather quickly. This can be an inconvenience for those that are required to remove the trash’s lining, as it may need to be replaced several times each day. However, with Rubbermaid’s® Brute® trash can, you won’t have to worry about overflowing trash again. This 44 gallon receptacle is fabricated from heavy-duty plastic to withstand the toughest conditions where grime, food, and grease are all causes for concern.

Adhesive Bandages

Safety in the workplace cannot be stressed enough, however, there are unfortunately instances where one of your employees could require bandaging to seal an open wound. Not only are these instances a matter of safety for the individual seeking treatment, they are also concerning for other employees as harmful diseases and infections can be spread through open wounds. Luckily, our bulk adhesive bandages are fit for the job. With over 280 assorted adhesive bandages, and a variety of sizes to choose from, your employees will be covered whenever they become victim to scrapes, cuts, and nicks.

While these are just three of our workplace essentials, our online store is loaded with wholesale office supplies designed to improve the workplace for both you and your employees. If you require any additional information on any of our products, or you would like to place your wholesale order with us today, visit our online store now to view our full offering of bulk items!